Tuesday, April 7, 2015

More About Hexie Love...

In the midst of The Hexagon Blog and Facebook Hop, I thought I'd share a bit more about Hexie Love, THE digital magazine for hexagon quilt lovers.

Above is the second issue. featuring an article by Linda White of Dear Prudence fame, plus much more. There is a new issue coming out every two months - so the next one will come out on May 1, just weeks away.

How did I get the idea to start a magazine ALL BY MYSELF? Well, it happened a bit like this.

I was already a hexie book author (times 2) and an avid blogger. I decided to start a newsletter for my readers. Something fun and colorful and informative. I began working on it and it began to grow. It was going to be fabulous! But it grew and grew again. At this rate, I'd never finish it. All of a sudden it hit me. This is not a newsletter. This is a MAGAZINE! Picture a light bulb hovering over my head!

I mulled over that thought for a day or two. Then I announced to my husband, "I'm going to publish a magazine." Luckily he was in full support as he always is. I went over with him how much money we'd need to invest to make this happen and we agreed that we could do it financially.

So here I am with Hexie Love!

I do accept submissions, so if you have a small project or other hexie idea, please email me: julia@hexielove.com

I love to pull together each issue, designing the pages, selecting the photo, etc. It keep me very busy and I love every minute!

Hexie love,


  1. What rate do you pay on accepted submissions? What rights do you license? Just first serial?

  2. You have been working very hard and it shows.

  3. I am following the blog hop and would love to win donnabrinkhall1@netzero.com

  4. Fun fun, have you talked to Tonya about Ahhhh's? I help her out making them and putting together some and think they would be fun for you magazine too, email me


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