Friday, April 17, 2015

Charlotte Angotti!

Charlotte Angotti is in Auburn! She spoke at our guild meeting last night. What a HOOT! I felt like I'd been in the company of a stand up comedian instead of a professional quilter. She had us all laughing out loud!  Each quilt had a story - or a few stories - that were hilarious!

This quilt was pretty cool. Charlotte made it from fabric she was culling from her studio. She divided it into lights and darks, cut it up, and came out with this. I love a good scrappy quilt!

And during the meeting.... I basted all these hexies! Today they'll get sewn together - May BOM in progress!

I also need to pack up a sewing machine and some fabric - I'm taking a class from Charlotte tomorrow called Surprise Yourself.

I'm going to work on a new tab for the top of the blog that will include tips for subscribing to Hexie Love - hoping that will help some of you out there in Hexie Land!

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