Friday, April 10, 2015

Hexagon Blog and Facebook Hop: Geta Grama!

So excited to have you all visit Geta Grama at her site today! She and I have a couple of things in common - she was an engineer and she's obsessed with hexies! Her fabulous quilt graced the cover of the premier edition of Hexie Love - if you have read her article in this issue, you should! Fascinating!

Geta really pushes the envelope with hexies - she does really unique pieces with them. I urge you to explore her site.

I got an interesting email from Linda Franz (yesterday's hop spot) this morning. She said that her link in her Yahoo group about the blog hop ended up in spam folders - "Hexie Love" was tagged as, well...inapproprate somehow - oh dear! And a little giggle!

I hope you're all enjoying the blog hop. I think it's good to explore other artists' blogs and work - don't you agree? I hope I'm introducing you to some new people and that you're getting to know familiar names a bit better.

I've been busy this week putting together the next issue of Hexie Love - always fun for me. I wish you all a HEXIE good day!

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