Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Special Hexie Quilt!

I couldn't wait to share this!!! I have a wonderful friend in the Atlanta area. She used to live here in Auburn, but moved about a year after we met. I miss her! She called this morning. She volunteers in a local thrift store sorting clothing one day per week. This week she spotted this quilt on the floor where the linens were being sorted. It was priced at $6.00! She knew the linens would be on sale for 50% off the next day. So she did what any smart shopper would do - she hid it in the back and purchased it the next day for $3.00!

She wanted to know if I want it. Uh, YES! Her son will bring it to me this weekend. I feel lucky!!! It's even hand quilted. What a treasure!

I had a great little helper this morning while I did some computer work.

Hope you all have a great rest of your day!


  1. Beautiful! Lucky you...can't wait for the new magazine issue to come out!

  2. What a treasure!! I'm looking forward to seeing more of it -- perhaps you can uncover some of it's story!!

  3. What a great deal but it is heart-breaking to know how much effort the maker put into it and then it was sold for $3! You couldn't even buy the thread for $3!!! It is an very unusual setting and I look forward to seeing more pictures when it is delivered!