Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hexies and Doxie Ears

I finished the May BOM last night, complete with a doxie ear to help me. Love to have a doggy in my lap while I sew, and it's a good thing I do! There is almost always a doggy in my lap!

I hope you are having a nice, relaxing, hexie weekend! I spent most of Saturday morning doing house cleaning - not my favorite, but I turned up the music and got it done. Hubby was doing yard work at the same time.

Cooper and I have been doing LOTS of walking this week. By Friday evening one of my feet was swollen so I took the day off from our walk yesterday. I have a wonderful foot massager that I bought at a quilt show. I plugged it in and it has really helped. I think I'm up for a walk today and I'm sure both Cooper and Hubby will be too.

And there will be lots of hexie appliqué in my plans for later!

Make it a great day!!! 

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  1. Oh, I know that feeling, except substitute kitty for doggy. They are such great helpers, aren't they? And they insist upon full credit for their help by appearing in the photos of the project along the way. The only time it's a bother for me is during the quilting or binding stage and they decide that the new big comfy quilt is their new royal bed, usually camping out right in the spot where I am trying to work at a given moment. And if I try to move them, oh, do things get ugly! LOL! I wouldn't trade it for anything!