Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hexagon Blog and Facebook Hop: Linda Franz!

Welcome to day THREE of the hop! Today we're going to visit Linda Franz, the inventor of Inklingo, a process of printing shapes on your fabric with your own inkjet printer. 

And yes, that means HEXIES!!!! Be sure to visit her site today and check out everything there!

As I've been doing along the way, I'm going to share a bit more info about me for those who are new here this week.

We all know that hexagon quilts can be time consuming and tedious. I think that's what many of us like about them! But because I want to make more than a few hexagon quilts in my lifetime, I love the look and process of making hexagon motifs and using appliqué (either hand or machine) to stitch them to a background fabric.

You'll see me do a lot of that around here! Below is a section of last year's hexie BOM quilt - I offered a free pattern each month here on the blog.

This year I'm doing it again with geometric hexie patterns. Look for this year's patterns under the tab at the top of the blog.

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of traveling to Cleveland to film a segment of Quilting Arts TV with Susan Brubaker Knapp. What a blast! I'd filmed another segment a couple of years ago. Yes, I'm doing hexies on QATV! This most recent segment was all about the appliqué of hexagons - my favorite thing to do!

Hop on, hexie lovers!!!

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