Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Working on a Challenge

Yesterday I pulled out a project I started several months ago. I think I may have shown it here before, but I'm not showing it again until December. You see, it's for a challenge in my quilt guild. Many of my guild friends read my blog, so I think I'll keep in under wraps until after the challenge. Above I was zigzagging some batting scraps together for this small project.

And here is the back side of the small quilt. It's a quilt-as-you-go process. I decided to make the back side with a few different fabrics, too (more to go...) Anyway, I got a good bit done and think I'll have it finished in the near future.

In the afternoon...we headed for the pool. In the adult only pool there are built in tables within the pool. So there we sat, IN the pool, having a nice drink and reading a book and chatting. Ahhh....

And then we walked a few steps to the Splash Bar for dinner. I love the brisket burger and sweet potato fries. Hubby had a pasta dish.  Another ahhh....

And we finished the day with a lovely sunset. Another ahhh... what a nice birthday!

Do you buy anything on Amazon Prime Day? I grabbed a great deal on a new set of wireless headphones to replace the set I dropped in the pool. They'll come tomorrow. And then last night I found a really cute dress and got that, too. Hope it fits...

I'm headed to the sewing room this morning. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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