Sunday, July 23, 2017


So...I didn't sew yesterday. So let's talk books.

My daughter got me started on this series - The Aurora Teagarden Mystery series. Real Murders is the first one to read.

These are cozies - light and non-gory murders - well, okay...there's a bit of gory description, but the stories don't focus on that. The main character is Aurora Teagarden, who goes by 'Roe.' She's a small town librarian and is almost 30 years old and single. Roe is a very likable character and I would love to be her friend!

These books are read very quickly and easily. I really love them! I'm reading one of them at the moment (the second in the series) on my Kindle while I listen to a much deeper, heavier book via Audible. This is working so well for me. I listened to the 'deep' book yesterday while I drove to the grocery store and back home again.

Speaking of which, note to self: avoid going to TJ Maxx and the grocery store during a tax free weekend. Crowded!

Have a relaxing day!


  1. I love cozy mysteries. My favorite is the Hamish Macbeth series by MC Beaton. You should try to find one for kindle. If they don't have it, then you could try reading them the old fashioned way...they have all of them at the Auburn City Library. Perhaps Opelika does too.

  2. Laura Childs and Jill Churchill are two other authors that I enjoy.

    Thank you for the tip on another author.

  3. More books to add to my reading list! Thanks! I started new series last night on Neflix...Ozark...loved the Mozart in the Jungle series! What a great was wonderful!!! Think that was on Prime...


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