Friday, July 7, 2017

Bring Me Flowers

Yesterday I focused on Bring Me Flowers. I need to make the flower pot that goes with these, along with the stems. And I need to appliqué a small circle in the center of each.

And what is this??? My old guitar. When I was young (Elementary School, I think) I took classical guitar lessons from a lovely woman who had immigrated from Cuba with her family. My brother and a friend also took from her. My brother stuck with it and even now still plays and takes an occasional lesson. I moved on to the flute and band. I wasn't a bad flute player! But for the past few years my guitar has been calling me. It's been over 40 years - but I miss it.

I've held on to the guitar all these years and it made the cut to come to our small house last year. Yesterday I took it for new strings. And so, it's ready to go. I'm going to buy some easy music and see if I can pick it up and start playing again.

Hoper you have a great day!


  1. Great flowers! The guitar story makes me happy, for some reason. It's good to pick up our roots again and become re-acquainted with who we used to be.


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