Sunday, July 16, 2017

Need. One. More. Block. Ugh!

Yesterday morning I laid out all the Farmer's Daughter's blocks. And guess what? I need one more. Don't you hate that feeling when you think you are done and you aren't? I didn't have the heart or gumption to cut another block yesterday - maybe today? If it's worth's worth doing right!

Some of my fabric choices weren't the greatest - a few areas look like mush from a distance. But it is wonderfully scrappy and I do like that. And every single stitch is by hand. (Though I'll probably sew the blocks together via machine...)

I decided to work on sewing more quilted dresden blocks together - I now have two rows complete. Three rows to go - and many of these other blocks are already quilted.

We spent another late afternoon at the pool - even swam some laps before relaxing to read. That handsome guy in the pool is Hubby. I'm doing something new - I'm reading one book on my Kindle and listening to another book via Audible. Okay, not at the exact same moment - but I'll have two books going at once. They are totally different thank goodness. Do you read one book at a time? Or do you have multiple in progress?

It's raining here today - nice and relaxing. Hopefully it's cooling things off a bit.

Have a sweet Sunday.



  1. I like the layout you have now without another blocks. How about some interesting applique in the half squares or a floral fabric?

  2. Always fun to see your progress, which you do make rapidly! I always have a hard cover book to read in bed (while hubby watches news and his warplane shows!)...and one on my IPOD to listen to while I clean, sew, etc. Sometimes I have to stop and think which book I'm on!! HA But it's great isn't it!

  3. BTW...just finished The Girl with the Blue Tattoo (Oliver Oatman) and listening to Hillbilly Elegy by JD Vance...both good books

  4. the farmer's blocks are just awesome, I made one for the women of the bible quilt and had to modify it a bit as it was so "odd" it still is odd, but yours are just lovely!!

  5. I'm always reading at least two books at one time. One on my Kindle and one from a paper version. I don't usually listen to books unless I'm driving a long distance.


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