Thursday, July 6, 2017

Applique and Hand Piecing and Worm Jerky

I'm happy to say that I WILL have room to add some bugs and things to this block. Yay! This block is getting close to being finished!

And I finished another Farmer's Daughter block last night. Lots of progress!

Last night Cooper's long walk didn't happen until 6:45 pm when it finally began to cool down a bit. The extreme heat brings about the death of many earthworms in the area - they come to surface and end up frying on a sidewalk or road. And then we are left with scattered and dried up worm 'jerky' - all over the place. Cooper loves worm jerky. I know - yuck, right? By the time we return from our walk, he has had quiet the snack.

I'm not sure what I'll stitch on today, but I do know I will stitch on something. Hubby's is not playing golf - simply TOO HOT - so I may stick to hand stitching while we watch a movie.

Have a nice day...and stay CooL!

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