Friday, July 28, 2017

Marmalade Top DONE!

I put the top and bottom borders on the Marmalade quilt yesterday. Then I laid it out to admire... haha! Next I had one of those light bulb moments. If I leave the side borders's a rectangle. If I put the side borders on, it will be square and I'll have to add another top and bottom border to make it a rectangle. Hmm...

It's not big, but it's big enough for a lap quilt. I'm going to call this one. Call it DONE! And so it will go into the pile to be quilted.

I have these pieces left over that would have been the side borders. And you know, I already have a plan for them...

Yesterday afternoon I took a few more things to the thrift store. I'm donating things I thought I'd NEVER get rid of. I have finally realized that it's not a good idea to keep storing (in the attic or elsewhere) things that I will never use again. If I keep them, our daughters will someday face the decision to keep or donate. I'm trying to keep them from having to make these decisions. If it's something I know they will not want, it's time to donate. Hopefully someone will need these things and get them cheaply at the thrift store. Oh, it feels so good to downsize! Let's face it...our kids will never want most of our stuff!

Okie's going to be a hand sewing day! I think I'll work on Bring Me Flowers...

Have a fun day!

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  1. Your quilt looks great! I too have been going through things and donating to the Hospice thrift store. Like you said, I don't want to leave everything for my kids to have to go through. It's a pretty big undertaking, but one that needs to be done.


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