Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sewing and Sorting

I spent the morning sorting. Do you have old floppy disks? What do you do with them???? Almost all of mine went into the garbage, but I did save a few that might contain something I'd like to retrieve. Is there a place that you can send these to get the info? Have you ever done this? I googled and found that I could buy an external floppy disk reader from Amazon. And it's not much moola. Think I might have to do just that to see if there is anything worthwhile on these.

In the late afternoon I finally got around to sewing. I added a third row to Gardenvale. Two more to go on this.

Hmmm...what to do today? I think I'd either like to get another row on Gardenvale....or put a border around Marmalade. I also have a charity quilt I need to baste.... Should be a fun day!

I hope you have a fun one, too!


  1. We dumped ours several years ago. Actually, I still had a computer downstairs that read these 3.5 discs! Have to let go at some point but it's still hard! HA

  2. Still have my old computer that has a floppy drive. My Designer 1 has a floppy drive too. I bought a floppy drive from Amazon for my sewing machine. My Mom's machine, which I've recently shipped to myself as her dementia doesn't allow her to use it anymore uses a memory stick but has a cable connection for a floppy drive. You could call Best Buy or some other tech store and they could probably transfer for you. Might be more than buying a drive though.


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