Sunday, July 2, 2017

Teeny Tiny Skinny Bias Strips

Yesterday I set out to make 1/8" bias strips for stems on the RFLQ. I was hoping these Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Stems would work for me. They didn't. I'm sure they'll work for wider strips, but for the 1/8" strips, I couldn't sew close enough to the bar. I used my zipper foot as the directions called for and scooted my needle over as for as I could - but still, couldn't get quite close enough!

So I moved to Plan B - I used a 1/4" bias strip maker - that pale yellow thing on the left above- and pressed them in half when I finished. Much better! They are a bit bulky, but I'm okay with that.

Oh, SO SKINNY! I think I've made enough for this block - I hope so!

I made a strawberry pie in the afternoon - bright and cheery to celebrate the 4th of July. (No, Cooper did NOT get a piece.) Laundry - done! Groceries - bought! Plants - watered!

Today we were planning to go to Atlanta to visit a friend in the hospital, but got word early this morning that it is not a good day to go. He's not doing well. His wife is exhausted. So sad. So we will switch gears and stay put. I might do some machine sewing...while I listen to my current book.

Okay, about my new headphone set and listening to books.... I'm addicted! Yesterday I 'read' while I did my grocery shopping and later while I did laundry. I 'read' while I made the pie. My initial goal was to read one book per month this year. Well, I'm going to blow that out of the water! Happy girl...

Have a happy day!


  1. Don't you love books on tape!!! I download from our library to my IPod...I love it. I can do my housework and even sew on the machine listening to books! The only way to go. I do read hard back book at night in bed while hubby watches news/tv. Tiny bias strips!!! WOW!

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