Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Back to Machine Quilting

I had the nicest day yesterday! I machine quilted my little heart out - I finished 3 blocks and also one of the half blocks. I did some counting - I only have 6 full blocks and a few half blocks left to quilt! I have a feeling I might machine quilt another morning this week...this one is getting close...

In the afternoon, Hubby and I went to the pool. We sat in the shade and read, and then got in the water when we got hot. We met the nicest couple from Fairhope - we seemed to hit it off and stayed longer than we'd planned.  (During which time I managed to FaceTime Daughter 1 both on her regular and work cell phones, and accidentally call my mother. OOPS!) Then it was back home to grill out. What a lovely day!

And today...is my birthday! We don't have big plans...just a simple day. I plan to sew (as usual!) and we'll go out to eat tonight. My pick of restaurant? I want to go to the Splash Bar at the Marriott in our neighborhood. I love the food there and we can go on the golf cart. Now I need to decide if I want to make a cake for the two of us to eat over several days...or just order a dessert with dinner and save LOTS of calories. Hmmm....

Gotta run- Hubby's bringing home a special breakfast for me!

Have a terrific Tuesday!


  1. Wishing your a very happy birthday. Glad you got to sew. Enjoy your desaeet or cake.

  2. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!


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