Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Farmer's Wife Quilt?

Are you wondering why you haven't seen me working on The Farmer's Wife quilt lately? Well, this is the reason. Yes. It happened. Cooper was here!

He somehow got to these blocks and completely chewed the corner off this one.

Not only that, he completely ate ANOTHER of these blocks. THE ENTIRE BLOCK! He only left a few little tidbits of fabric behind. Yes, I did see the block again the next day when it came out from his other end. It was all in one piece amazingly enough, save for the few tidbits he left behind. But no, I didn't attempt to rescue it. Just not worth it.

Did I fuss at Cooper? Nope. By the time I discovered it, he wouldn't have realized what I was fussing at him for. And it was his birthday, after all. So he got a reprieve. And after all, he's destroyed much more important things in his past. And so it goes - life with a dog. He's worth it - I'll be more careful where I leave these block in the future.

I spent the entire day yesterday working on a computer project. It does involve quilting, but I never picked up a needle and thread. Today I'm having withdrawal symptoms. MUST sew today.

And I must read - my current library book is due in 3 days. I can do it!

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Oh dear, life with a dog or dogs; one of mine devoured a hairbrush, to late to to scold her, she also destroyed my reading glasses. Got to love our furbabies.