Friday, April 7, 2017

Quilt Relationships...

Again...I never made it to the sewing machine yesterday. Somehow this block never left my hands. And all I did was finish one corner. See the little butterflies? Those butterfly bodies are SO skinny! Quite the challenge.

Do you have relationships with the quilts you make? I'll bet you do. Some of my projects are easy to pick up and then put down after a couple of hours. I'm happy visiting with them just once per week. That's all the time we need together.

But the Rowdy Flat Library Quilt is different. Once I pick it up, I seem to not be able to put it down for several days. It gets stuck in my system. It calls to me - until I work on it more. I'm not sure why this quilt has such a hold over me. It's not what I expected when I ordered the pattern. I thought the pieces would be bigger and easier. But no, they're TINY and challenging. I love a good challenge. Maybe that part of the reason I can't put it down.

But I have a stack of projects calling me! Maybe today will be the day I put RFLQ aside for a bit? We shall see...

TGIF! Have a great Friday!


  1. You are spot on. There are quilts and quilt project we simply can't quit working on without a huge wrenching away. Thanks for showing us this lovely corner.

  2. I too was surprised at how tiny the RFLQ pieces were when I first started. However now that I am on my last section of border it seems perfectly normal. In fact I recently started another quilt with larger appliqué pieces and they seem positively huge! I do know what you mean about getting stuck on that quilt though. I feel the same way.


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