Monday, April 3, 2017


Yesterday I worked on appliqué - The Rowdy Flat Library Quilt. As you can see, I only have one bow left to do and several leaves. Then I'm baste the flower pots in the corners, along with scattered butterflies.

I received the next pattern in the mail - it is similar, but there are lots of BEES! My favorite!

My silly dogs! Last night we grilled the chicken on our new back patio. I sat in a comfy chair while hubby did the cooking. Little Mickey stood under the grill looking up under the stainless steel extension. Then he began to growl and bark. What? We figured maybe there was a dirt dobber nest underneath... Hubby got down and looked and there was nothing but a shiny reflective surface - Mickey was barking at his own reflection!

And here was Cooper on yesterday's walk. He's learning that when we stop to chat with a neighbor...he might as well get comfortable for a bit.

Today is machine quilting day. BUT we have really bad storms coming through in just a bit. I don't want to have my sewing machine plugged in until it has passed by. Until then, I'll hand stitch!

Wishing you a happy Monday!

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  1. You know I always like to see what you are working on and you have finished but I love seeing pics of your dogs!!! So, so cute!!


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