Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Cutting Fabric

I began yesterday by cutting up fabric for my New Bedford quilt. I labeled each bundle as I finished.

I ended up cutting out about half the pieces for the quilt...to be continued another day.

Then I prepared the next block for the Rowdy Flat Library Quilt. The next step will be those fingers/petals, BUT I'll finish the first block before I do that.

I decided my back wasn't quite ready for machine quilting, so that will wait.

When I came out of my sewing room I couldn't find Cooper. Cooper! You're not supposed to be on the guest bed! But who can fuss at a sweet sight like this? Not me! And at least he stayed off the quilt. I'm going to find something to spread on the bed so he will not mess it up - he loves to look out the front window.

So what will I work on today? I may work on dresdens. Or I may cut out more of the New Bedford quilt. Or I may cut out a block for my Farmer's Daughter quilt - need to get back into it. Or I may prepare another Rowdy Flat Library Quilt - I have the 3rd pattern already. Once I get these initial circles in place, the remaining block is portable.

In a few weeks I'll redo my weekly schedule, but for now I'll just float around and do what I please.

Wishing you a very pleasant day!

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  1. Lots of neat projects - you have a good system. Me - not so good as life keeps getting in the way. Cooper's a smart dog.


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