Thursday, April 20, 2017

Birdie Almost Done...

My bird (number 8) is almost done; he only needs his feet and his button eye. Maybe today?

I was looking through a friend's book yesterday. I have several Kaffe Fassett books, but not this one. May have to get it...

This quilt really appealed to me - I love that it's made from scraps of many colors. I'm thinking I could use my vast supply of 2.5 inch strips to make it...

And this was another favorite. I love the color and vibrancy. You can't go wrong with simple squares and circles. I need to finish some projects so I can start more! 

My back is getting progressively better. Yay! I may even give machine sewing a try today. I'm itching to finish En Provence.

Today is pine straw day in our neighborhood. The HOA has someone bring in pine straw and spread it twice per year. I see it has been delivered. So nice we don't have to worry with this chore. 

Wishing you a happy sewing day!

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