Thursday, April 13, 2017

I'm Still Obsessed...

As you can see I couldn't put this down yesterday. I made this picture extra large so you could admire my little 'fingers', as I call them. Haha! I'm much more pleased with my work this time around, I'll have to admit. I'm being more aware of every single stitch and making sure the appliqué edges are turned under smoothly. Such an improvement!!!

The circles are perfectly concentric, unlike before, too. And the colors! These colors make me happy!

Have you noticed something? I made the outer circle go all the way around instead of being broken on one side as the pattern called for. This is MY quilt and I'm going to take some liberties with the pattern here and there.

The leaves are simply pinned in place temporarily. I need to work on their placement, making sure everything is even and lined up correctly. (I'll even have a ruler at the ready.) Most of the leaves were fussy cut - oh, what fun I had doing this!

BUT, today I'm determined to make neutral four patches so I'll have to put the appliqué aside for the morning. I want to finish En Provence. Not sure if that will happen today, but I plan to make progress.

Hope you have a lovely, calm day!

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  1. Huge difference! I can even tell that you're having more fun with this one. I'm all for stopping a project if it just isn't making you happy. This will be a happy quilt for sure! Anxious to see your En Provence!


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