Monday, April 17, 2017

Marking Fabric...

When I began this block for the second time and decided not to back baste, I needed a few marking tools. For light fabrics I use a mechanical pencil. But I needed something for the darker fabrics. I looked around my sewing room and found this marking pen - it was brand new in its package - never opened. I've probably had it for YEARS - I don't remember buying it.

I started using it and it seemed like it was all dried up. Okay...must be too old. So I put the fabric aside and started looking for something else to use. I came back and the white marks had magically appeared! Time to read the instructions on the package. It said, "Marks appear as the ink dries." OH! Magic! So now I'm loving this marking pen.

So we had a simple Easter day. We moved our fire pit from the screened porch to the new patio. Big mistake, for me anyway. It's pretty heavy and Hubby had one end and I had the other.  Did I mention it's really heavy? 

I was fine until I got out of the shower about 30 minutes later. BOOM! I've pulled a muscle in my back. I was pretty much miserable the rest of the day. And I'm still suffering today. I know it will pass in a few more days, maybe a week. Until then I'm just trying to be careful. And that means no machine quilting today - darn!

Hubby ended up helping with our simple Easter meal - he learned to make deviled eggs. I made broccoli salad. We had Honey Baked Ham and corn on the cob with it. Yum!

Since I don't feel like sitting at the sewing machine today, I will do hand sewing and reading. Maybe my hexies will come out to play? 

I wish you a happy Monday!

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  1. Sorry about your back. Happy Easter Monday. Your dinner sounded yummy. Did you have a hot cross bun for dessert?


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