Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Not Much Done...

It's obvious that my lack of a defined schedule is affecting me - without that purpose and direction and focus I'm not as productive on some days. All I did yesterday was to appliqué more of the little yellow/orange circles on the flowers of the RFLQ. Only 4 more of these to go. 

Oh well, I guess we all need a slow-down day here and there, right?

Let's talk about little Mickey today. A friend of mine gave me this little dachshund toy to give to our dogs - her dogs have no interest in it. As soon as I showed it to Cooper and Mickey, it was Mickey who INSTANTLY claimed it. Hubby and I thought he'd destroy it. But he didn't. He seems to think it is his baby. He licks it and grooms it. He carries it EVERYWHERE. He snarls and barks at Cooper if he comes near it. 

We didn't let Mickey sleep with 'Baby' in his crate last night - we were afraid he'd bite off a piece and choke. This morning he remembered Baby and was so happy to be reunited!

He loves to sleep with his head resting on Baby. Oh so protective. Sweet Mickey...

I am determined to get more done today. I think I'll start by cutting more pieces for the New Bedford quilt. For those who asked - the fabric is from a line called New Bedford by Denyse Schmidt by Free Spirit.

I also plan to get out a bit. I've been wanting to visit the Opelika library and get a library card. Our previous home was in the city of Auburn and I already have an Auburn library card. I've heard that the Opelika library has some great selections. I love to check out e-books for my Kindle through the library.

There is also a great farmer's market not far from the library - I want to check that out, too. Should be a nice outing...

I haven't posted much here lately about Rodan and Fields, but I'm still LOVING the products! This week a brand new product was introduced - Active Hydration Therapy. I just got my hands on some yesterday and LOVE it! 

Tonight there is a virtual Facebook event starting to introduce the product- you could view it anytime through Sunday evening. There will be prizes available!!! Are you interested? Let me know! This is such a great opportunity to make some money on the side with very little effort. Where else can you get paid to wash your face and have improved skin? Even if you're not interested in the business, but want to learn more about the products, I'd love to add you to this event. Just let me know and I'll add you. 

And there's an added bonus: I'm offering a full size Active Hydration Serum AND a full size Last Boost (a personal favorite!) as a gift to the next TWO people who join my team! You can keep and use them yourself...or you could sell them...or you could gift them. 

Here's wishing you a FABULOUS day!!! 

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