Thursday, January 7, 2016

The EYES Have It

I'm a bit late posting today - I had an eye appointment this morning - much needed! My eyes are two of my most important tools in quilting. I need both close up and distance vision to do my work. Because of Hexie Love, I spend lots of time in front of the computer, too - writing articles, processing orders, blogging, etc. And I was in dire need of a check up!

I went to a new-to-me doctor and he was fabulous! After looking at my charts and info, he walked in and said, 'Well, you're basically blind.' Haha - yes, I have VERY BAD vision! It's not news to me. But he fixed me up with a new prescription and I ordered new glasses and frames.

Do you have problems seeing close up to sew hexies? If so, get your eyes checked regularly! And I also recommend CraftOptics glasses. No, I'm not getting paid to say this, but I do have a pair and I love them!!!

Tomorrow I'm getting my hair after that and when my new glasses come in, I'm thinking I need to film another video showing the "new me" - haha! I do want to make another video to demonstrate how to use a needle and thread to baste curved hexagons. Not sure when I'll do this, but maybe this weekend we'll have time.

I've had another question pop up a couple of times:
Will I ship my Curved Hexagon Ruler overseas? The answer is YES!!! I'll ship anywhere!

Have a phenomenal day!


  1. Received my hexie ruler yesterday late afternoon (old folks deliver late in afternoon here in sunny florida! HA). No chance to try it out until later next week! Can't wait...have some ideas for sure...will keep you posted! Glad you had your eyes checked...amazing what a small prescription change in lenses can make!


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