Sunday, January 24, 2016

Ready to BASTE!

I've got baggies packed full of curved hexie pieces ready to baste. And why are they packed? I'm off for a quick overnighter with Daughter 2. I'm going with her to her first residency interview - it's a long drive, so we can take turns. I'm also taking along my computer and business files - hope to get caught up on Quick Books while she's in her interviews.

Our power was off for a couple of hours yesterday am - not bad, especially compared to what many people (maybe you?) are experiencing with Snowmageddon. I spent the morning going through my bathroom cabinets, throwing away most of what I found. It's amazing how much we accumulate over time. I also sorted through all my costume jewelry - bagged up a lot to donate to a charity. The good news - I found a ring that had been lost for about 10 years!!! I thought it was gone for good!

Hubby spent the day doing the same in the garage, packing up tools.

In the afternoon I cut fabric for the pile of hexies seen above. AND I finished hemming the sequined gown for my daughter. DONE! I do love a productive day!

Gotta run! The tank is filled (thanks to hubby) and my bag is packed...


  1. You're so organized. Stay warm and safe on that drive.

  2. Good for you. I too love those productive days...I'm off (alone) to head to visit with my sister (2 1/2 hr drive) so I can't sew along the way! But gives me time to think or listen to a book on my IPOD! Safe travels


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