Saturday, January 30, 2016

Instagram, Anyone? AND A SALE ON RULERS!

So I'm very prolific at blogging. :) And I'm not too shabby at posting on Facebook. But Instagram? I've not been doing great at this.

Yesterday I made a new friend - sold her my extra Featherweight - and she put me in my place (nicely) about my lack of Instagram activity. She's totally right! I need to get with the Instagram program! I promised her I'd post there last night and I DID! And so, thanks to Hollie, I'll be much more visible on Instagram - find me at hexie_love!

Now, what you've been waiting for! I'm having a 2 week sale on my Hexie Love Curved Hexagon Ruler!!!!  To get $4.00 off, use the coupon code MOVING. Yes, I want to move as little inventory as possible! Sale is only good until February 15!

Above is one of the curved hexagons I stitched yesterday. Happy Dance!

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  1. Nice sale Julie. I'll have to come back and get me one - out of time today.


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