Wednesday, January 6, 2016

It's the Little Things...

I'm planning on reading more this year. That's the plan anyway. So here's the first book I'm reading this year, Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan. I love it so far! I think that I'll keep a list of books ready this year so I can see how well I stick to my plan.

Today is one of those days where I have a gazillion little things to take care of. My list is a mile long - and you know I really like lists with only three things on them. I'm going to get busy early and try to mark them all off.

Happy Birthday today to our younger daughter, Elizabeth! She's busy working in a local hospital all day as part of her last year of Pharmacy School.  I'm wishing her an easy day at work! The end is near, Sweet Girl: just over 9 weeks left of rotations and she'll be Dr. Wood...for four days until she becomes Dr. Covington. And our other daughter is a successful Software Engineer. I'm a lucky mom to have two wonderful daughters.

The latest issue of Hexie Love is selling well and I'm shipping out more rulers today. Yay! I'm no where close to breaking even on the ruler yet - I had to order a large minimum - so I'll have to sell many more to start making a profit- that's the way the business works, you know? I'm getting lots of questions about whether I'll come out with similar rulers that will work with other sizes of hexagons. Well, the answer takes a significant cash outlay to order the minimum amount of rulers. So I'll need to make sure these current rulers sell well first. If they do, then YES! I'd love to have the rulers made in other sizes as well! I do hope to place the rulers with a distributer so they'll be in local quilt shops everywhere.

Some of you who ordered rulers immediately will begin to receive them TODAY! Please share your curved hexies on the Facebook page - Hexie Love Open Studio - and everywhere else on social media - Pinterest, Instagram, Blogs! I can use all the free publicity I can get!

And so, I need to get this computer out of my lap and GET BUSY!!! Have a great day!!


  1. I am an avid reader and it's hard trying to balance that with all the quilting and other things I love to do. I have discovered the key though - audio books. I can load them in my iPod and listen while I see, do housework or whatever and get everything done while "reading". It's really awesome!

  2. I download books from our library so when I stitching, painting fabric or even cleaning the house I can listen to my book! I can't take time out during the day to sit and read and when I read in bed at night I only get about 6 pages read before I'm ready to fall, that works for me. I have an Ipod I download to.
    And you know I will post my first curved hexie...won't be for a week or two as other projects are 'cooking' right now. But I will...can't wait!!!


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