Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mushrooms and Polka Dots

Here's another curved hexie, made yesterday. I love this one!

Last night I watched 3 episodes of "Tiny House Hunting," trying to get myself psyched up for the move. We'll be moving into a SMALL home for the time being. I will not have a room devoted to sewing.

I've ordered a SEWEZ table to put in the kitchen to sew. There is an island in the kitchen that I'll use for cutting fabric. The fabric will be a challenge. I've bought some bins that will fit under the beds for this purpose - can't live without my stash! I want to keep all my hexie quilts with me, so I'll pack them in suitcases and put them...somewhere....not sure where yet. Of course I'll take my rulers with me so I can continue to ship them. EEK...I'm beginning to panic about where to fit everything.

This is what Cooper thinks about all the moving hoopla - whatever....just take me with you.

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  1. Keep the stress level under control! You're doing a great job! Women are so good at adapting to change!


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