Sunday, January 3, 2016

Bliss Pattern 1

Firstly, thanks so much for all the support and love I've received in the last few days! The newest issue of Hexie Love seems to be a success! I'm getting LOTS of sweet comments and e-mails. So thankful!

And if you haven't gotten the issue yet (only $5.00!), then here's a sneak peak. Above is the pattern for the first section of Bliss. You'll have to buy the issue to see how to make each of the hexagons. 

And the new Block of the Month pattern, Folk Art Hexies, is also included - two blocks worth!

And that's enough of a commercial for today!

It's been nice to slow down for a couple of days. Yesterday we FINALLY saw the sun - it's been absent all week. What a joy to have a sunny day! We took the doggies for a little walk which we all enjoyed. 

This afternoon I'll be packing up ruler orders to take to the post office tomorrow. AND maybe I'll even sew!!!!!

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  1. Looking forward to getting my ruler!! Woohoo!!I really enjoyed the issue too! The Folk Art Hexie might come in handy in the next few months! Thank!!


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