Tuesday, January 26, 2016

And More Basting...

This is the next set ready for basting later today. I got back from Mississippi last night, tired and ready to sleep. Now, back to work today!!!

I have computer work to do, basting, and some move related stuff. We have now transported 3 trailer and car loads to the lake - lawn mowers, tools, etc. These are things we don't want to put in storage. We are waiting to begin packing boxes for storage until the buyers' home inspection is done and their small contingency is lifted - about a week until these things happen. Until then I'll keep sorting through drawers and cabinets, getting rid of as much as I can. This will make packing much easier.

And so, it will be a busy day! But a good one!

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  1. Another jam packed day. Do take a tea break to just sit and breathe. Off to whip stitch hexies.


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