Thursday, January 21, 2016

Let's Get Quilty!

As you may remember, Quilty Box is now a sponsor of Hexie Love! I've been so busy that I've decided to extend the deadline for winning a Quilty Box - you have until January 30 to buy the Jan/Feb issue of Hexie Love (only $5.00!) to be entered in the drawing.

Today I'll be shipping off more Curved Hexagon Rulers! Some are going overseas! Spreading the Hexie Love around the world....

Today is a big and busy day around here. This afternoon we're meeting with a home builder. A moving and storage company is coming to give us an estimate. And quilt guild is tonight!

Yesterday I took some time to start gathering some of my quilting supplies that need to stay with me at our interim home. I piled them on a bed, and just this simple task made me feel better about everything. I realized that some of my supplies that I might need are already at our local storage unit, near the front where I can get to them if needed. That's very good - no need to worry about all that stuff now.

For the next couple of weeks, I'll be trying to cull down our belongings - storage fees are by WEIGHT - so the more I can get rid of/donate, the better.

I must say, I have such wonderful quilty friends here. Some of them have contacted me wanting to help. So one day in the near future, we going to have a fabric folding/ packing day here. I bought some under bed storage bins so fabric can be tucked away out of site at the interim home. Have I mentioned that this home is 45 minutes outside town? You guessed at the lake for the interim period of time.

Hope you have a HEXIE day!

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