Friday, January 8, 2016

It's Friday!!!

TGIF! Even Cooper is ready for the weekend! He's been napping under this big ottoman (5 feet by 5 feet) since he was a puppy and still manages to fit under there. Yesterday most of his body was hanging out! Haha!

Yesterday was a long day, starting with my eye appointment and ending after a fun neighborhood Bunco game last night. Today I'll get my hair cut and then (hopefully!) I'll be home the rest of the day. And you know what that means????? Fabric! Play! Hexies! Sewing!

Now for another question:
Do I glue baste when NOT using the water soluble papers?
NO! If I'm using traditional card stock papers I always hand baste with a needle and thread. This is still easy with the curved pieces made with the Curved Hexagon Ruler.

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  1. I have always hand basted but just started using glue to baste. I'll let you know how much of a difference this technique makes. I do know it's quick! But that might not be a good offset to basting by hand! We'll see...enjoy the weekend! I'm working on my book challenge and hope to get it finished!


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