Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sorry, No Picture

I really hate to post here without a picture. But I don't have one today. Oh well...

I spent the morning in my car with the dogs...more than 3 hours.... while our home was thoroughly inspected, up and down and all around. I made use of the time by reading, catching up on some e-mails, and drinking my morning coffee. Cooper slept in the back seat (good boy!) and Mickey worried me to death in the front seat, as usual. He wanted in my lap. He wanted out of my lap. He wanted this and that and the other! Now that we are back home, Mickey is sound asleep.

I'm not sure when we'll hear if the house passes it's test, but hopefully soon. Meanwhile, I'll keep forging ahead, sewing and writing and working on my bookkeeping. I'm hoping to stitch hexies together later today!

Lot's of hexie love to you all today!!!

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