Monday, December 28, 2015

We Made a Video! How to Use the Curved Hexagon Ruler!

Yesterday afternoon, hubby helped me make a video to show how to use my new Curved Hexagon Ruler. Then I learned to edit it using iMovie and I uploaded it to YouTube. I had so much fun with iMovie - very simple to learn.

I still want to make two more videos (at least) - one to demonstrate basting, and another to demonstrate how I machine stitch the hexies. Yes, you can still hand stitch them if you wish! I have SO many projects so I'm always in a time crunch - the machine sewing allows me to do more in less time.

So please watch the video and let me know what you think! And subscribe to my Hexie Love YouTube channel! Thanks in advance...

Click HERE to watch!


  1. Great video, Julia! I look forward to the others you have planned! Happy Holidays!

  2. Cool! Now we can create hexies with curves to infinity. Thanks for the great video, Julia.

  3. vert clear and easy to understand thanks

  4. should have showed the block or pattern it will make


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