Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Busy Monday

Yesterday started EARLY for us. We were up at 4:45 to get hubby to a scheduled procedure - he had a kidney stone zapped. I'd been after him to get this done before the end of the year (as his doctor had advised). And so, it is done. And he is fine, just a bit sore.

Yesterday also marked the first chemotherapy for my FIL. One down, three to go!

Also yesterday...Daughter 1 started a new job. She had not been looking, but this company sought her out and it's a great opportunity for her. So proud!

And if that's not enough, Daughter 2 is attending an important Pharmacy conference and met with residency programs yesterday. Again, so proud!

I checked in on Daughter 1's Scout a couple of time yesterday - so sweet and smart.

I think that was enough for one day!

And so today...

Back to work! Or should I say, back to FUN!  I have lots of magazine stuff to accomplish today. I'm working on the pattern instructions for the first part of Bliss. Let me just say that's is much easier to design and make the quilt than it is to pattern it! I'm learning Adobe Illustrator and using it to make diagrams so it will be easy to follow.  I'm still low on the learning curve, but I'm making progress!

So, what are you doing today? Make it a great one!!!


  1. I'm going to try a bit of quilting today. I've had cataract surgery in the last week (my second) and that eye is not behaving today - watering, blurry vision, and itchy. It makes it hard to see well so maybe I'll just watch some quilting videos online and get inspired. The hexies need to wait until I can see better.

  2. I'm sewing a noodle to my hexie center while I sit and heal. Little by little...


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