Saturday, December 5, 2015

Are You IN?

Are you ready? Are you in? Are you as excited as I am???

It's Bliss! The 2016 Hexie Quilt-A-Long! Coming January 1, 2016.

I had the best day yesterday. I accomplished lots of hexie stuff. I did my meal planning and grocery shopping. AND I even found some stolen time to work on my BH mystery. Not only did I switch the size up (cutting my pieces bigger), but I also switched out the colors. Instead of red, I'm using orange. I love orange! I'll share a picture soon...

All my on-line shopping orders are coming in - I received FOUR packages yesterday. One was a quilt being returned to me by AQS - it's been on loan to them for more than a year to display in quilt show. And one package contained my MOB dress! (That's "mother of the bride.") I found one I liked and decided to order it - it fits beautifully and I love it! That was easy! I'm keeping the tags on - if I lose a bit of weight before then, I can always swap it for a different size. So excited!


  1. Nice to see you having a productive day! These are my 'slow' days as we prepare for the holiday visits from kids and packing to leave for south 2 days after Christmas....I too will be looking for a 'wedding' dress but it's for being grandma of the bride! It's for a June 2016 wedding..I dislike clothes shopping!

  2. do we have to sign up somewhere to be in? I would love to do more hexies with you


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