Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Day Off...

Mickey has his Christmas on this morning! And doesn't he look adorable...

And here's a peak at my BH quilt, with orange instead of red. My gray constant is a chemistry print that I love - you know, there are hexagons in chemistry....   This the third quilt in which I've used this fabric.

Yesterday hubby and I had a fun day together - life has been so hectic and we haven't done this in a long time. We went out for breakfast, had a nice drive, watched football on our back patio, visited our grand-kitties. Daughter 2 is out of town for a conference, so we're checking in on her cats.

And Daughter 1 will be out of town on a business trip so I'll be checking in on Scout for a few days, too. Yes, they have both inherited my animal loving gene. And I'm glad! Life is so much better with a pet, or two, or three.

Today I'll be spending lots of time with my computer, working on the next issue of Hexie Love. I'll sharing some exciting news about the next issue tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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