Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sweet Boy...

Here's my sweet boy last night. This is the way he begs: resting his head in my lap to make sure I know he's available to eat any crumb of whatever I'm eating. Wheat Thins. Yes, he got 1/2 of a cracker and was very grateful.

The FedEx man brought us a package last night - oh boy! Was it the fabric I ordered? Or that special thread package? Or maybe my shipment of rulers?

But no. It was this Chemistry study guide. Now this is a mystery. I'm not a chemistry person. Now Daughter 2 has a degree in Chemistry, but the package was addressed to me. No receipt or paper work enclosed. Daughter 2 knows nothing about it either. Weird!

So hubby stayed home again yesterday, on high alert for kidney stones. Got one! Yay! He back at work today. I have a full day ahead of me - a quilting luncheon, some housework, and some Hexie Love work play! I'm also going to shop for a new hat for my FIL - he's had one chemo treatment now and is expected to lose his hair next week.


  1. Hope FIL handles his treatment and getting a new hat is so sweet of you! Stones are no fun...hubby and my SIL have both had them...ugh....Is that cooper?? He looks darker to me...I may have them mixed up...he's still a sweet looking dog, whoever he is!! HA Nice of you to share your treats with him!

  2. I"ve have lithotripsy(sp?) and it's not fun afterwards as it leaves you sore in the back. And he's back at work? What a guy. Hope you find just the right hat for FIL. Blessings!


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