Thursday, December 24, 2015

On Comet and Cupid...

Another recipe for you! Here's the Snickers Salad I made. (Okay, I got the photo off the internet, but mine looks the same.) Find the recipe HERE.

We celebrated Christmas with the kids last night. What fun! Food was eaten! Presents were unwrapped! Fun was had!

The daughters!

Hubby and son-in-law!

Future son-in-law!

Mickey, Cooper, and grand-dog, Scout!

Grand-kitten, Arwen didn't get her photo taken, but she was in our bathroom - she was spayed yesterday and needed to be monitored.

I got some wonderful quilty presents - I love them all! I'm itching to stitch! I'll share photos of my gifts tomorrow.

We are in the midst of the rain that is covering much of the country. Hubby and I are having a nice slow morning with coffee. Merry Christmas EVE!

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  1. Talk about "itching to stitch", I haven't had needle in hand in two weeks! And won't for another week or so! Look forward to 'seeing' more of you in 2016!


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