Monday, December 21, 2015

RIP Prince

We lost our sweet Prince last night. He's on the left in the photo, taken Saturday as he and Mickey basked in the sun. He was 14, but we didn't expect him to go yet. He'd been spry and happy. We are thankful to the Auburn University Veterinary Emergency Clinic - they were so kind and caring. He joins the rest of our fur babies in Heaven: Teddy, Minnie, Patches, and Oliver.

He and Mickey sleep together in the same crate, so Mickey slept alone last night for the first time. But he had Cooper in his crate right beside him, so he wasn't totally alone.

Now, on to a happier subject! I received this anonymous message from a non-reply commenter this weekend:

hi from Australia I write to ask about the material backing size for the 2015 hexi blocks does it have to 14.5 I suffered a stroke 4 weeks ago and making the hexies has helped me with my motor skills 
to all in this group have a safe and happy Christmas and I cant wait to start making my 2016 hexis

I can't reply to her, so I'll do it here. Firstly, it makes me so happy that my little hexie patterns are helping you in your motor skills recovery! Smiling ear to ear! And no, you don't have to make your background squares 14.5" - it's your quilt and you have permission to make it the way you want to make it and have fun with it! 

I got lots of magazine computer work done yesterday - I'm hoping to put the finishing touches on the issue today! Yes, I'm running a bit behind schedule - tis the season, I guess! 

I also need to make a trip to the grocery store today (a big trip). Christmas has really snuck up on me this year!!! Hubby has agreed to help me wrap presents, so I think I'll get them out of their hiding places and when he gets home from work we'll have at it! 

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!


  1. I am so, so, so sorry about Prince!!! It's so hard for us to lose our good you still have other fur babies around. I was depressed badly when we lost our Mandy girl...hence, we acquired Kalee 3 days later (it would have been 2 days later but the breeder didn't want us coming to her house at 11 at night! HA

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. Hugs to you and all your family (including your other fur kids).

  3. As, poor baby Prince! It's so hard when we lose them! My heart breaks for you and your family, furry and non-furry alike. Love and healing energy to you all.

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  5. Sending loving thoughts on the loss of Prince. It is vsad when one of oyr Furbabies cross the Rainbow Bridge. xo

  6. So sorry for your loss!!! It is SO hard when a family member passes!!!
    Will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers!


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