Monday, December 14, 2015

A Touch of Christmas

This year we went a bit minimal on the Christmas decorations. Typically we have two large trees in our living room. This year we only have one 4 foot tree on the dining room table. The only ornaments we added are our White House ornaments and my Wallace collectable candy canes. I had not seen the candy cane ornaments until we moved to Auburn. One of my friends here has quite a collection. A new one is issued each year. Now every year I order 3 - one for me and one for each of our daughters.

And the madness did continue here at the house yesterday, though most of the work was done by hubby. He pressure washed our back patio (which, by the way, is HUGE!) and he put out 40 bales of pines straw. He still has more pine straw bales to spread, but darkness stopped him last night. This morning we have heavy rain. And so, hopefully tomorrow he'll delay going to work until after he gets this chore done.

So the reason for all this hubbub?

A professional photographer is coming in the morning to photograph our home. There will even be a camera drone flying outside, overhead and everywhere. So we can't just hide things out there behind a bush or in a corner. And so now you know why we've put in FIVE days of hard work. Looking back, I can't even begin to believe what we've done in those days. WHEW!

And why the photography session? Hmmm.... You'll have to wait a bit to hear about that! But I promise I'll share soon.

A cleaning lady is due any minute this morning to help me get everything spic and span. This is new for me - I do my own cleaning and always have. But it will be nice to have help today.

I'll do a bit of cleaning too, BUT I'm planning to mainly work on Hexie Love! I got so much done on the upcoming issue yesterday - you're going to love it!


  1. Very sweet tree. I've not heard of these ornaments before. They are really pretty. Are you moving?

  2. Very beautiful tree. It is really totally in holiday Christmas mood. I'm just in love with that flowers, they're amazing!


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