Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry AFTER Christmas

How was your Christmas? I hope it was wonderful!

Alabama was hit hard with rain and flooding on Christmas Eve. We got more than 8" in Auburn - it poured down rain ALL DAY! But no damage at our house - we're all safe and sound.

We celebrated and opened gift with our kids on the 23rd, so both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were quiet and relaxing. On Christmas Day it was just Hubby and me, along with Daughter 2. We went to see Star Wars in the afternoon (and I saw hexagons everywhere in the movie). Fun! I made lasagna for our dinner. Yum!

Then yesterday - I never blogged because my computer was tied up all day. We downloaded all the photos from my phone (over 6000!) to my computer on Dropbox. Yes, this took hours! And HOURS!
And then I spent time cleaning up the desktop of my computer. Whew! Glad that is all done! I like to start off the new year organized.

And because my phone now has lots more space on it, hubby has been loaded music on it for me. He gave me an Adele CD and it now resides on my phone. I'm told I can push a button while in my car and hear my phone music through my car speakers. Technology!

Mickey is still adjusting to the loss of Prince. The hardest part has been sleeping alone in his crate at night. We ended up with him in bed with us for a couple of nights. That didn't work. So last night we tried something new. We put Mickey's bedding in the front of Cooper's crate and tuck them both into the same crate. Yes, the HUGE dog and the TINY dog. I'm happy to report that it worked! They both slept great! Mickey has to have a warm body beside him, and luckily Cooper is filling the role.

I've been busy finalizing the Jan/Feb issue of Hexie Love. I'm also working on packaging up the Curved Hexagon Ruler, ready to ship to you first of the just DAYS!!! Hubby will be off from work this week, so I have a feeling I'll be putting him to work on the assembly line.

Have a great day!

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