Sunday, December 13, 2015


I was searching this morning for an image that describes the last few days of my life and I found this - yes, this describes it well. (And these images are also available HERE to purchase as a quilt pattern - I may just have to buy them to make...well, someday!

I had thought yesterday would be slower, but in fact by the end of the day I had logged 18,500 steps! We took a trailer load to our storage unit across town and another trailer load to a local charity. We have one more trailer load to take to a charity later  today. Hubby is outside pressure washing and I have to say that our house looks amazing. Yes, we are all ready for the holidays!

I'm back at work now, and the next Hexie Love issue is coming together nicely. I do hope you're having a more relaxing weekend than we are! Haha!


  1. You are one busy lady!!! I have a blog post coming out tomorrow and a shout out to you and your blog, at the bottom of my post...guess I could have put you at the top! HA...anyway, a shout out is a shout out, right!!

  2. This picture looks like a story of my everyday life. I'm always in a hurry and soo late! Don't even know how to manage to do it right.


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