Sunday, September 13, 2015

View from the TOP!

Football is back in town! Here we were yesterday - our seats this year are on the VERY TOP ROW of the stadium. Getting up there was not easy. So no bathroom breaks for me during the game... But I did love the view!

Here's a panoramic...

This year we have a new Jumbotron - biggest one in the county. WOW!

We squeaked by in overtime. Came home HOT and DEHYDRATED and EXHAUSTED! Maybe I'm getting too old for this?

I was too tired to sew last night, but today I'll definitely pick up a needle and thread...

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  1. I love to sit on the top row of the upper deck. I think it's cooler up there because you get more of a breeze. Unfortunately the last time i remember being there was the night we played LSU and the old barn burned! We never go any more. War Eagle!


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