Thursday, September 3, 2015

Doxie Hexie!

How cute is this?! Double dachshund hexie!!! Just having a bit of fun here...

What about you? Do you have a favorite fussy cut hexie? I'd love to see it - send me a picture and I'll share it here on the blog. Or share it over on the Facebook page.

So what else is going on around here? I made Bonnie Hunter's Broccoli Chicken Salad a couple of days ago - you can find it HERE - it's absolutely yummy and chock full of vegetables. I'll be making this again and again.

I'm happy to report that Hexie Love's new delivery system is doing great! I've only had a very few customers contact me since publishing the issue and was able to make them happy very easily. Here are some of the comments I'm getting:

"Downloaded like a dream!"

"So easy!"


So if you haven't gotten an issue yet - it's the perfect time! And at only $5.99 per issue, it's a great deal. Get it HERE.

Have a great day, hexie lovers! And send me your fussy cut pictures!


  1. The new way to download "Hexie Love" is magical, no stumbling blocks, just did it. Annnndddd it was a brilliant issue.Love you fussy cut hexie, cute as.

  2. hello, brought the circle hexie to my group what a hit. only 25 more to go and can start quilting then I will put it togethr..and I will have a KING size spread for my daughter...while I am working on knitting a cowl and a quilted wall hanging. while going through PT

  3. It was so easy downloading Hexie Love this time. I was so excited! Now I need to get caught up with Odessey. Or at least make progress. I have some fussy cut hexies, somewhere. Maybe I can find them.


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