Friday, September 4, 2015

Clamshell Hexie!

Loving this hexie! Clamshell fabric makes it look like I did more work than I really did. I basted six exactly like this - so they will form a cool pattern when sewn together.

As for Hexie Love, I received this message this morning:

"The new way to download "Hexie Love" is magical, no stumbling blocks, just did it. Annnndddd it was a brilliant issue."

So excited to receive comments like this one! Happy dance!!! And Cooper is dancing with me! (No, actually he's sound asleep...but he's dancing in his sleep...)

So what else in new here? I've been busy laying out pieces of the wedding quilt on my design wall - I won't start sewing the pieces together until I'm happy with the layout. I have a few more pieces to cut. Good progress though. 

This weekend I'll be working on the wedding quilt, the necktie project, this year's BOM, next year's BOM, and maybe a UFO. I do go from one project to another... makes life interesting!

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  1. OHHH I have some of that fabric. I love clamshells. Have you done any EPP clamshells? I did a mini but I really want to do a big quilt with larger shapes.


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