Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Happy Hexie Tuesday!

So what are you working on today?

I'm still trucking along on the wedding quilt, a bit every day. I think I might finish the fourth row today.

I'm having so much fun working on next year's block of the month - I LOVE THIS QUILT!!!

I stitched on a Farmer's Daughter block last night - this second block is going slower than the first because I haven't worked on it as much (AND because I sewed one section on backwards and had to fix it.)

I also worked on diagrams for the next issue of Hexie Love - I have to say that I'm slowly getting better at Electric Quilt. I've learned to do two new things on there in the past week that are helping me so much.

I spotted this little fellow on our back patio yesterday when I was outside doing some Hexie Love photography. Those spikes hanging down are part of a metal dog sculpture.

Today will be more of the same - I hope to accomplish a LOT! We have a rainy day here - perfect for staying in and sewing! I'm in one recliner and Cooper is in the other one - we're hunkered down!

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  1. Being hunkered down with hexies and a dog sounds perfect! I am basting some 300 odd hexies for a Christmas quilt of wreaths I am making. I thought I would get the cutting and basting done before I start assembling the wreaths. There is something very meditative in basting a huge stack of hexagons! Have a good day!


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