Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Great Day!

And why is it a great day, you ask?

1. The first release of Hexie Love  through my new distribution system worked great!!! For those of you who have already accessed the magazine, isn't this a big improvement???? I've gotten rave reviews on both the issue itself AND how easy it is to purchase and read. This makes me very happy! Although the transition took me weeks to accomplish, I'm no longer spending time on customer service questions. You are happy and I am happy! Let's keep this party going!

2. I finished my first Farmer's Daughter block (above). The instructions were correct - this is not for the faint of heart. I pieced it all by hand - lots of Y-seams and those sharp curves are a bit of challenge. Yes, I'll keep going though! These blocks are wonderful for my multitude of tiny, and often ugly, scraps.

3. I haven't mentioned this, but...I designed and ordered a custom die for my Accuquilt studio...and it came a couple of days ago. Yay! Did you know you can order custom dies? The sky is the limit! I played with it yesterday and so far I love it! (Don't tell anyone, but it has something to do with hexies...shhh!)

So yes, it IS a great day!!!! Let's go hexie!


  1. Oh I've done this block for Women of the bible QAL, the first quilt I did FPP like yours, the next time my blocks were 3" so I cheated and appliqued instead.

  2. That is a difficult looking block. Congrats on the new distribution service. Now off to view the mag.

  3. The new system worked like a charm and it was so much easier than Joomag! Keep up the great work!


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