Friday, September 11, 2015

Back to Square One...

The title of this post implies I've had to start completely over on something...thankfully, that is not the case. It's no secret that I'm making a double wedding ring quilt for Daughter 2's upcoming wedding. How hard could it be? I've been quilting for YEARS!

However the four patches that are between the circles have been giving me fits. I took one out three times before I finally got it to lay flat.

That's when the light bulb came on. OOOHHHHH! I get it! I'm putting the pieces together in the wrong order! I shouldn't have sewn these squares into four patches! If I sew in one square at time, it's SO much easier and goes together so much better! I'm so glad I figured this out early in the process.

So last night I had a date with my seam ripper and took all the four patches apart. It will be smooth sailing now! So "back to square one" is a good thing!

I also made a nice stack of bias strips yesterday. These are 1/2 inch wide and are for a future project.

Today I'll start putting the October BOM hexies together. And do some computer work. And a few other quilty things...

Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. Sometimes the simplest things, give you the most grief. Quilters just to do like Peter Rabbit, we never give up. Linda Caldwell

  2. Sometimes I wish the lightbulb came on sooner than later. That seam ripper seems to be glued to my hand with some projects. Glad you caught it. Look forward to seeing the quilt.


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