Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rhonda Dort!

Rhonda Dort made this fabulous hexie quilt! Want to hear more about it and see more photos? Then get the latest issue of Hexie Love! I actually discovered this quilt on Pinterest and was able to zoom in to who made it. Then I searched for Rhonda and found her via Facebook. You never know how you'll end up in Hexie Love! If you've made an interesting hexie quilt or know someone who has done so, let me know!!!

I (finally) have the October BOM ready for appliqué! Yay! That will happen today! I love this block! Yesterday I worked on FOUR projects, which is becoming the norm for me.

1. October BOM
2. January 2016 BOM
3. Wedding quilt
4. Farmer's Daughter

And today? The same! Sounds like a fun day to me!

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  1. Is hexie love still around? Would like to get some of the patterns to embroidery on hexies if available.


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